The COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) wastes are now polluting the environment
from canals, streets, hiking trails, rivers up to the ocean. Masks and gloves are found washed-up
on the shores or floating on the seas posing a real threat to marine eco system.
The Oro Handmade Innovations Inc. (formerly CDO Handmade Paper Crafts), maker of
sustainable packaging, stationery and home accents under the brand INDIGENOUS, have
produced 100% Biodegradable Origami non-surgical mask as its response to help reduce or
eliminate at best plastic pollution as we go in to the New Normal.
What makes this mask biodegradable? The raw materials used are the finest abaca fiber, wild
cogon grass, pineapple leaves and natural adhesive such as corn or cassava starch. There are
no chemicals , latex, hardeners nor synthetic fibers added in the paper, thus, making the
decomposition of the mask faster and easier. While most masks are using elastic band, instead a
paper twine ear loop is used in order to eliminate synthetic fibers and plastic particles that will take
hundreds of years to biodegrade.
The Mask features intricate Origami design to comfortably cover both the mouth and nose. In
addition, ensures better filtration through its folded layers of Abaca paper. Due to the blanket of
Abaca fibers, it is said to be more effective in filtration than cloth.
Oro Handmade Innovations Inc. are also in the prototyping stage for N95 surgical masks, also
made of Abaca fiber. The first prototype will be subjected to laboratory tests to meet international
filtration standards.
It is also worth mentioning that years back, Oro Handmade Innovations Inc. and the Philippine
Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) 10 collaborated in assisting the farmers in
Claveria, Misamis Oriental by providing the training program for abaca farming from seed
propagation to fiber extraction. Oro Handmade Innovations Inc. was trained by DOST MISOR for
the paper making of Abaca fibers, funded by the DOST SET-UP program.
The company have been exporting their sustainable packaging, stationery and home accents
under the INDIGENOUS brand, in USA, Europe and Japan since 1998. They have been at the
forefront when it comes to producing earth-friendly products. Thanks to such initiatives, we have
more hope in having a cleaner, safer environment.
To find out more about them and purchase their products, scan the QR CODE or click the link